Your Love in Motion

While photographs freeze moments in time, a wedding film breathes life into them. With a highlight wedding film, you can relive the emotions, laughter, and tears that made your wedding day so special. The film captures the essence of the day, transporting you back to the emotions you felt during your vows, first dance, and heartfelt speeches. A well-crafted wedding film provides a cinematic experience, making your memories feel like a beautiful movie. The combination of carefully chosen music, artistic shots, and skilled editing can create a captivating narrative that highlights the most significant moments of your day, leaving you and your loved ones with a lasting impression.

Adding a highlight wedding film to your photography package can elevate the way you remember and cherish your wedding day. It complements your photographs by offering a dynamic and emotional experience, capturing moments that might otherwise be missed. It becomes a timeless keepsake that allows you to relive your special day and share it with those who matter most.

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Highlight add-on

Engagement mini film 45seconds-1minute in length $495+tax

(filmed alongside your engagement session)

Wedding film 2-3 minutes in length $800+tax

(filmed alongside your wedding photography team)

You will receive a 2-3 minute edited highlight film for your wedding or a 1 minute mini film put together from small clips captured from one camera from one videographer operating alongside your photo team. The clips will all be edited in a consistent style with your photos in 4k quality video.

A carefully selected song selection will be offered to you to choose from, licensed from This process will ensure your music is unique and licensed with the proper copyright for sharing on all platforms. The video file will be included in your online wedding gallery available for download.

Please note, this is a creative highlight film of your day (not a documentary style video.)

This short film does not replace video services where the entire ceremony or speeches are recorded using 2-3 cameras.