Documenting the details

Details, details! Story telling at its finest. Here are some of "the little things" to bring to impact how your images are captured in the morning! This will help us set the tone in documenting the style of your wedding.


We recommend that our brides have a box of items set aside for us in the morning that we can capture before you get in your dress. Consider printed invitations, rings, jewelry, sentimental items from family you plan to wear, shoes, ring boxes (or little dishes) to hold jewelry, perfume, and a few extra single cut flowers or greenery to add to the images.


The groom and his crew details to consider...

Cufflinks, shoes, bowtie/tie, boutonierre, watch, socks... we generally don't have to spend as much time with the Groom and his men! They can be mostly dressed when we arrive - and just put jackets on (and off if needed) bowties/ties put on is a great shot, shoes on, watch/cufflinks on and a couple cheers shots is great!

If the guys can be getting ready near where the ladies are getting ready, this will help minimize travel and time as we like to capture both bride and groom with two photographers when possible (different angles, natural backup, consistent styles, efficiency.

Captured Moments

We love capturing a "cheers" moment, a letter exchange, first looks, a gift for your parents/bridal party...

Items to consider

-robes for the ladies


-letter/gifts to be exchanged between bride & groom prior or during in a sneaky way.


A nice hanger for the wedding dress is great! Don't forget that it also needs to be strong for most dresses as they can be heavy! Grooves on a wood hanger is necessary for some dresses. A 3m strip backed hook can be helpful to have in the kit in case there is no where to hang it in a hotel room

Large windows, some space! This will help your getting ready images look beatuiful! Sometimes a home can be a nicer option than a hotel room because of the small windows and cramped living areas. We generally use the living area near a window the most!

Have the bridesmaids/groomsmen/parents in their outfits before you get in yours - so that they can help you and be looking good too!


potential items to prepare

Details box bride-printed invitations/stationary/vow cards - rings -jewelry -sentimental items from family you plan to wear - shoes -Ring boxes (or little dishes) to hold jewelry -perfume -wood hanger with grooves - 3m stick hook for dress hanging -single cut flowers or a few stems of greenery to add to the images - bridal bouquet,

Details for Groom - Cufflinks, shoes, bowtie/tie, boutonniere , watch, socks

Bridal Party

-robes/pjs for the ladies -fun socks for the groomsman -champagne/ prosecco /favorite beers/ glassware -letter/gifts for bride& groom, parents, bridal party


A spacious hotel suite or home that is pretty minimal/bright is ideal! We will always be resourceful with whatever we've got ;) Ladies and Gents getting ready near each other is awesome when possible!

Please tell us if we've missed anything you'd like to photograph!

Remember this is a photo detail list and doesn't include important documents to remember like...

your marriage document ;)

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