There's no place like home

Especially when you place two extremely creative beautiful people on a property like this one and everything they touch turns to gold! This whole session was captured on the McKenzie's acreage in Cochrane, Alberta - and we were so excited that the weather cooperated with us! The entire sky was grey and felt one dimensional when I left my home in Calgary, and just as I pulled down their long driveway - the horizon started to clear and I felt hopeful our golden hour session was saved! The moment we started shooting, { the golden hour is the hour before the sun goes down } the sun dipped just below those grey clouds and gave us what felt like the most enchanted golden glow to our whole photo session! Carina pulled together this incredible fall inspired look for her family which had me feeling so creatively inspired! I love this family so very much, they have been like family to us for many years! I hope you enjoy this enchanted woodland family fall photoshoot with us!


Ashley Kitchen

Three Sisters Photography