Feature Destination Wedding | Iberostar Resort, Varadero Cuba

I've just sent out Laura & Darren's fall family photo shoot - and It had me daydreaming of our time together in Cuba. My husband and I photographed their incredible destination wedding 7 years ago! You heard that right SEVEN YEARS ago! I have had the absolute privilege of taking pictures of Laura & Darren and their growing family since then.

This wedding came at the most unexpected time as I was off in Arusha, Tanzania chasing a long life dream to experience East Africa in both its extraordinary beauty and contrasted poverty (and spend time with the strongest most beautiful children I could ever imagine at LOHADA!)

While I was away my husband called to ask if I would be up for travelling to Cuba as soon as I got home to photograph a wedding. Now I know its hard to imagine... but I honestly couldn't fathom going from seeing some of the most heart breaking things of my life in the slums of Arusha to experiencing the luxuries of an all inclusive ocean front resort. However...it absolutely felt so meant to be. Darren and Laura's photographer needed to cancel last minute and the arrangements needed to be made quickly.

Ah, and it was such an incredible experience. I was so captivated by the beauty and strength from one side of the planet to the next. I learned the importance of being present and connected in whatever moment and circumstance you find yourself in whether it's the celebration of a beautiful wedding or the heartbreak shared within a village.

Darren and Laura are some of the most genuine, fun, generous, and beautiful people that you could meet! They brought us into their family that week in Cuba and we will never forget their hospitality and the fun we shared! I hope you can feel some of the sunshine and beauty of their wedding as you scroll with us!

One of my absolute favorite joys of being a photographer at a beautiful destination like Cuba... is when the couple agrees to a second day session! We offer them complimentary, because how could you not? We realize that not everyone values photos and these experiences as much as we do, but couples never regret getting these extra images once they see them.

Havana City was a two hour drive away from Varadero, and we had so much fun exploring the country side and enjoying all the vintage cars that Cuba is known for no to mention some of the most incredible Cuban cuisine in Havana!

Unfortunately - the clouds were gathering quickly and we only had about 10 minutes to shoot before the streets literally flooded! I must admit though... we had one of the most exciting photo shoots of my life as we ran from one location to another capturing what we could before we were soaked! Laura and Darren were so easy going though - they were up for anything. They even jumped into the pool when we got back to the resort.

Darren & Laura you two are so awesome. Cheers to seven years and many many more to come!