Joel & Amaris | The Links of Glen Eagle Wedding

Joel & Amaris just celebrated EIGHT years of marriage this past week, and as I was scrolling through their wedding gallery to find something for Amaris, I was amazed at how timeless their images looked that I simply had to re-share this beautiful day. If you are looking to implement some fun trends into your wedding day while still having a timeless look that you will continue to love after the trends fade- take a cue from Amaris - author of the beautifully inspired @lovelyblondecloset account on instagram. Amaris has such a great eye for home decor and style!

There have been so many wedding trends that have come and gone year after year, but Amaris stuck with a classic look for her entire bridal party that still looks just as amazing today as it did then. She brought in her warm rustic style and a few trends into the ceremony and reception which made the whole day feel laid back and fun.

The more years that fly by as wedding photographer, the deeper the sense of meaning and purpose grows in me as I recognize that we are documenting such meaningful, historic moments that will be around for generations to come! It is a true honour to capture these precious moments in time.